Basic Skating is just that-- the basics! Our basic skating lessons will teach you how to skate forwards and backwards. We will also teach stopping, turning, and how to use protection (like your knee pads and wrist guards). Our basic skating lessons are designed to teach you how to skate safely and efficiently.


After you’ve learned some basic skating techniques, you can start learning more skilled styles of skating. Slalom inline skating is a highly technical type of skating that involves doing tricks around lines of cones. It may look difficult, but with the right instruction anyone can be a slalom master! We offer individual and group slalom lessons for various levels. We also have free step-by-step videos on our YouTube channel, as well as a special online beginner slalom course that offers 8 video lessons for $99. Click here for more details on our online slalom course.


Once you’ve completed our basic skating course you might find yourself interested in our freeride lessons. Freeride lessons are focused on how to skate through a city efficiently and safely, and also how to have fun while you’re at it. We do so by including exciting yet technical skills like slides, jumps, and skate cross.